Man of the Shroud in 3D

Sculputure based on the image of the man on the shroud of turin

I was in a unique position to make a sculpture of the Man on the Shroud of Turin, having worked the last 8 years as a sculptor in wood and creating a series of life size sculptures, but also since 2005 involved in the 3D investigations.

The procedure that I followed and my background are as follows.               

As a solid basis for the measurements of the sculpture we used the measurements of the image on the Shroud itself. These were taken from the new folded illustration of the Shroud, as produced after the restoration of 2002, when measuring the Shroud was done  by GIAN MARIA ZACCONE, Scientific  Director of the Museo della Sindone and BRUNO BARBERIS, Chairman of the Confraternity of the Holy Shroud of Turin and the International Centre for the Turin Shroud. This illustration had a superimposed grid, prepared by GINO MORETTO, which makes it relatively easy to identify every point of the image on the front and the back of the image. (You will find this in: “SINDONE 2002, L’intervento conservative”, written by: Mechthild FLURY LEMBERG). As the scale of this illustration is 1:5 and knowing the new measurements, this became the basis for the work-drawings and sketches, identifying every point of the body-image, necessary for the exact information on the X- and Y-axis. Barberis and Zaccone measured the length of the Shroud as:–left side 442.5 cm and the right side 441.5 cm. The width they measured as: bottom 113 cm and top 113.7 cm.               

Drawing with Grid


The 3D investigations done by us during the last 5 years that were based on the cloth-to-body distance information present in the gray scale of the image and that led after conversion from 2D to 3D, to the production of the holograms, anaglyph photographs, lenticulars and DVD’s of the image, proved to be a very valuable source of information for the relevant points of the anatomy of the body and their position on the Z-axis. For example the degree of bending of the legs, arms and the head and the position of both feet.               

I have been practicing for many years as a medical doctor and graduated from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in my native country, the Netherlands. This has given me the expertise and experience to recognize the most minute details of the anatomy of the human body and the traumas that are visible in the image of the Man on the Shroud. I also studied extensively the work that has been done by forensic specialists in the field of Sindonology, like Dr. BUCKLIN, Dr. FREDERICK ZUGIBE  and recently by Dr. JOSE de PALACIOS CARVAJAL in Spain. This put me as a medical doctor in a special position to interpret the various findings in the anatomy of the image and also the signs of the different traumas caused by the beatings, torture, whipping and crucifixion that the Man on the Shroud endured.               

In Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, I founded an Ultra Sound Clinic and after the appropriate training developed great skills in the reading and interpretation of 3D images and these skills were of a great help to me when we produced the 3D images of the Man on the Shroud. The new findings that we did are in the chapter of: New Findings.               

On the recommendation of my dear friend Isabel Piczek, who is a very well known religious artist, I made extensive use of life models to create the sculpture as accurate as possible, putting them in the position that the 3D images indicated.               

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not a PROFESSIONAL sculptor, I am an amateur. Since 2001 I have been making large sculptures in wood under the guidance of my teacher, Maestro CRUZ GONZALEZ in Volcan where we live. He is considered one of the best sculptors of Panama. During all these years with very hard work I developed gradually more skills and experience. This sculpture was the result of all the years of study of the 3D qualities of the image of the Man on the Shroud and an intense desire to produce it.               

I think it will also be of great help in the studies of how the Man on the Shroud was buried and enveloped in the linen and may also shed some new light on how the image came into being.       

SCULPTURE OF THE MAN ON THE SHROUD  (Click this text to see the movie).    

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