Man of the Shroud in 3D

Solid Oval Object Under The Beard

In September 2005 we produced the first Hologram of the face and during the studies of this hologram in March of 2006, it occurred to me that under the beard there was a 3D relief that was oval-shaped of about 10 x 4.5 cm (4” x 2”). It looked like a flat solid object with relief on the flat side, visible to the viewer. (See figure 1).   

(Figure 1) Hologram of The Face Showing Solid Object

As I knew the story of Father Filas, who did a lot of research on the images of the coins on top of the eyelids, and all the problems that he had encountered doing this, I decided to be very careful and go step by step to solve this.  I set up a research protocol in which I first gathered all the photographs I could find from the 3D investigations that had been done in the past, reasoning that they should ALL show a vertical relief in the neck-area. Secondly, I gathered as many photographs of the face, including the neck area that I could find, because the shape of this solid object should also be visible on ALL the photographs. High on my list was also an investigation with the VP-8  Image Analyzer, so we could prove scientifically that the solid object was there indeed. Let’s go step by step.   

1)      In 1976 Captains John P. Jackson (physicist) and Eric Jumper of the United States Air Force Academy. revealed with the VP-8  Image Analysis, that a photograph of the Shroud image was spatially encoded, i.e., it possessed depth-information, which means an exact mathematical relationship between the cloth-to-body distance. Lots of images exist of these investigations (For example the figures 2 and 3).   

Figure 2. VP-8 Analyzer Showing Vertical Relief in Neck Area

Figure 3. Prof. Giovanni Tamburelli Turin Showing Vertical Relief in Neck Area

Also in the seventies, Prof. Giovanni  Tamburelli  of the University of Turin did quite some computer- 3D research on the Shroud image and we also received images of these investigations (See figure 4).   

Figure 4. Prof. Giovanni Tamburelli Turin Showing vertical Relief in Neck Area

We also looked at the work of Aldo Guerreschi and Alan Whanger, who created pseudo-3D images with an overlay-technique (figure 5).   

Figure 5. Aldo Guerreschi Overlay Technique Showing Solid Object

Other images we used were, the bronze bas-relief that is exhibited in the Museo della Sindone in Turin to facilitate blind people to get an idea of what the Shroud-image is like (Figure 6).   

Figure 6. Bronze in Museo della Sindone Turin, Showing Vertical Relief in Neck Area

I asked Bernardo Galmarini in Argentina to do a special study of the neck area and that result we can see in figure 7. To see the 3D in the anaglyph photograph you will have to use 3D glasses (red before the left eye). The oval object that is now visible is the result of  the application of the depth map to the image on the Shroud. Said in a different way, it is only the information that existed already in the image, without any human intervention, so info that is only extracted from the scientific gray-scale , which in itself is already a proof of the existence of the oval object.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Figure 7. Bernardo Galmarini conversion 2D to 3D of Neck Area Showing Solid Object

The result of all these investigations was, that INDEED ON ALL THE IMAGES A VERTICAL RELIEF WAS VISIBLE, UNDER THE BEARD IN THE NECK AREA. This proved that on the body there was placed in the neck region a solid oval object (that also shows relief on the front side).   

2)      The next step was the photographs. We used photographs of the 1978 STURP investigations, made by the Chief Technical Photographer Vernon Miller (See figure 8 ) and the Technical Photographer Barrie Schwortz ( ©1978-2010 Barrie M. Schwortz Collection, STERA Inc), (See figures 9 and 10).   

Figure 8. Photograph Vernon Miller Showing Solid Object

Figure 9. Photograph Barrie Schwortz Showing Solid Object

Figure 10. Photograph Barrie Schwortz Showing Solid Object

 In the building that houses the Museo della Sindone in Turin is a room where there is a collection of photographs representing the whole official history of the photography of the Shroud and Bruno Barberis and Nello Balossino gave me permission to make photographs there. (See figures  11, 12 and 13). On purpose I chose color photographs that have almost no contrast and even there you can see vaguely the shape of the solid object.   

Figure 11. Shape of solid object visible

Figure 12. Shape of solid object visible

Figure 13. Shape of solid object visible

The series of photographs 14 till 17 show the details of the neck area in the different photographs, with the shape visible and having a double line on the bottom.   

Figure 14. Solid object visible under beard

Figure 15. Shape of solid oval object clearly visible

Figure 16. Shape of oval solid object clearly visible

Figure 17. Shape of oval solid object visible

Photograph 18 finally, shows on a sculpture how we think that the solid object was placed in the grave.   

Figure 18. Sculpture Showing Position of Oval Solid Object


3)      In June of 2010 PETE SCHUMACHER fulfilled a promise he had made to me during a visit in Alamogordo in New Mexico, where Pete has a Shroud Center. We gave two presentations in the Center for a group of very enthusiastic Pete-volunteers in English and also a Spanish speaking audience about the “Holographic Experience of the Shroud” and Pete promised me to do an investigation of the neck area with the functioning VP-8  Image Analyzer that he has in the Center with a beautiful life-size facsimile of the Shroud in color (made by Barrie Schwortz) to show people the principles and workings of the VP-8 Analyzer. To understand the results of his investigations, let us first have a look at the VP-8  Image Analyzer.   

Report by Pete Schumacher:   

Curriculum Vitae Deacon Peter Schumacher

Photo of Peter Schumacher and Petrus Soons   

Photo of Peter Schumacher and Petrus Soons 2008 Ohio Shroud Conference

Research on solid object with VP8 Image Analyzer

VP-8 Image Analyzer

Research of solid object with VP-8 Image Analyzer

Footage of video output from VP-8 analyzer showing that it is apparent that some object, having some pattern detail within that object, resides within the defined region of interest, which is shown in the center of the image with The Head on the left, and The Body, on the right side.  Notice the two white lines on the right side intersect and just to the left of this intersection is The Beard.  The oval object of interest in just to the right of the vertical white line.   


Click the image to see the movie.   

VP-8 image showing solid object

VP-8 Image showing oval object

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