Man of the Shroud in 3D


Making of the Holograms


In November of 2006 during the audience in Turin with Cardenal Severino Poletto and a group of Italian

Shroud scientists where I showed for the first time the life-size Holograms, the Cardenal decided that

these life-size Holograms of the front and the back of the body should be placed in the Museo della

Sindone in Turin. Three months later they were installed in the Museo.

During a visit to Turin in the spring of 2007 I had a meeting  with Don Giuseppe Ghiberti and he

suggested to me that I should contact Father Hector Guerra L.C.  He told me that since 2005 Father Guerra

was involved in the realization of permanent exhibitions of the Shroud of Turin. The first exhibition was inaugurated

in the Notre Dame Center, July 22nd 2006 in Jerusalem and is a must for the pilgrims visiting the Holy Land.

After that he managed to realize the next permanent exhibition in the Universitate Europeo di Roma, Regina Apostolorum

and in February of 2010 the next exhibition was inaugurated  in the National Shrine of OUR LADY of GUADALUPE in Sacramento-CA, USA.

He had the support and cooperation of the authorities in Turin and Gian Maria Zaccone and Bruno Barberis were very helpful in the setting up of these exhibitions.

I contacted Father Guerra after my return from Turin and out of that developed a friendship and cooperation.

Father Hector Guerra visiting the Wuenschel Collection in Ephesus

Father Guerra decided also to place the life-size Holograms of the front and the back of the body in these permanent exhibitions.

The name of the exhibition is: “WHO IS THE MAN OF THE SHROUD ?”, giving the visitors all the information about the Shroud and in the end letting them decide what to believe or not.

"Who is the Man of the Shroud?"

Father Guerra inaugurated in 2010 also a travelling exhibition in Curitiba, Brasil and is preparing these travelling exhibitions also in the Netherlands and Germany-Austria and another permanent exhibition in Columbia.

Following are  photographs of some of the permanent exhibitions:

Inauguration Exhibition Jerusalem, July 2006

Exhibition Jerusalem / Holograms

Inauguration Exhibition Sacramento, Cal. Feb 2010

Exhibition Sacramento / Holograms

Inauguration of the exposition of the Shroud of Turin in Den Bosch, the Netherlands April 1st 2012

New expositions under the auspicies of OTHONIA have been inaugurated in the Netherlands April 1st 2012 in the Basilica of St. John in the city of Den Bosch and also in Krakow, Poland on the end of 2012. Father Hector Guerra L.C. was in charge of these expositions and he is planning a new permanent exposition in San Antonio, Texas in October of 2013.

A new exposition was also inaugurated in Panama City, Panama in the chapel of Beato Juan Pablo II, Albrook. This exposition was organized by Dr. Petrus Soons and his wife Dalys under the supervision of the Archbishop Monsenor Jose Domingo Ulloa and is very successful.

One can find details of this exposition in the website: of STERA (Barrie Schwortz)

Download the Exhibition Here in PDF!