Man of the Shroud in 3D


Making of the Holograms

Histogram of Digitization


Histogram of Digitization

The different 2nd and 3rd generation ENRIE photographs that were made available by Dr. Alan Whanger were in May of 2006 digitized by a professional Photographic Laboratory in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

They were digitized with 7000 x 10.000 pixels and that translates to 70-100 p.p.m., and file sizes of 200 till 900 MB, depending on the size of the different photographs.

In the two  photographs of the two HISTOGRAMS on the top of the page one can appreciate the digitization and we were specifically interested in the digitization of all the information in the image on the Shroud, because the intention was of course to make the holograms of the image of the Man on the Shroud in 3D.