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Until 3rd year of “Licenciatura en Ciencias Matematicas”   (University of Buenos Aires).

Career of Cinematography :  “Image and Sound Design”     (University of Buenos Aires).


1) Digital manipulation for stereoscopic 2d to 3d conversion.

2) Digital Photography and Stereoscopic  Photography.

3) Applied Stereoscopy.

4) Camera Operation, Lighting.


—-Years 2001 to 2007: Promotional Campaigns with photographs and illustrations in 3d, for the

“Viewmaster”- format and “Anaglyph”- format. Some of the companies are; ,,,,

—-Years 2001 to 2002: Series of more than thirty 2d to 3d conversions of famous paintings, which are

being sold in the following website:

—-Year 2003: Development of my own 2d to 3d conversion method for “3d Lenticular” format.

This format is produced with a plastic sheet with microlenses, which allows to see the images in three

dimensions without 3d glasses. Also some jobs for US and European Companies.:,, (=DUTCH HOLOGRAPHIC LABORATORY).

—-Years 1999 to 2002: I worked in several Air TV and Cable TV programs, as a Camera Operator and Lighting Director for a series of programs.


—-November 2001: Editing of an article for the “British Journal of Photography” about the stereoscopic

2d to 3d conversion of photographs and paintings. (UK)

—- February 2002: Article in the magazine “The Stereo Window” for the “Detroit Stereographic Society”. (USA)

—-October 2003: Series of 3d conversions of photographs for a special article for the “Freeze Magazine”. (USA)

—- Year 2003: 2d to 3d conversions of LEONARDO DA VINCI paintings, for the exposition:”Leonardo y las Ciencias”  in the Madrid Museum in Spain. Format: Polarized Projection on a 6m x 4m screen.

—-September 2004: Participation in an educative stereo movie for  with 2d to 3d conversions of famous paintings. (Poland)

—-Year 2004: Co-development, in collaboration with Dr. Imre Zsolnai-Nagy (Hungary), of an optimized Image Processing method for “Color Anaglyph” method.

The system is called “Analux 3d”, which is incorporated in two of the most famous freeware stereo softwares:  “Anabuilder’ in France and “Stereo Photo Maker” in Japan.

Since 2004, HONORARY  MEMBER of the “Societa Stereoscopica Italiana” by unanimous vote. (

—-Years 2004-2005: Development of a new optimized version of “Analux 3d”, with own parameters and much improved results,

followed by the development and conclusion of the project “BUENOS AIRES 3d:    an interactive CD ROM with 642 stereoscopic pictures (3d), with Tango music and “Fileteado Porteno” aesthetic.


—-July 2006: Exhibition of stereo-photographs from “Buenos Aires 3d” CD ROM, at the “Stereo Theater” (Polarized projection in 3d) for the annual convention of the “National Stereoscopic Association, USA”, Miami.


—-April and May 2007:  2d to 3d conversion series for “Studio 3d Company”.  Website: Development and edition of a 3d Postcards Series of Buenos Aires.


—-2005 and 2006: Creation of the 3d Master Images for a tridimensional holograms series of the image of the Man on the “Holy Shroud of Turin”, for Dr. Petrus Soons and the Dutch Holographic Laboratory. (The Netherlands) (Website:  and this was a multiple camera views 3d conversion. It was achieved with my own 2d to 3d conversion process. The series contained two front body 3d images, in vertical position, two in horizontal position and two of the face. In 2007 Dr. Petrus Soons presented the first series of 2005 (Using my Stereoscopic 2d to 3d conversion series of 2005) of the Shroud of Turin in the documentary “The Fabric of Time”, produced by Grizzly Adams. (April 2007). The documentary included the first series of 2005: one of the face and two of the body (front and back).

—-August 2007: A new series of 2d to 3d conversions were done of the image of the Man on the Shroud of Turin, with improved  material (Enrie photographs with Barrie Schwortz expertise) and much more sophisticated than the first series, which resulted in more 3D depth and also more details. Again 3d material was produced to create a new series of holograms of the face and the front and the back of the body.  Also  CD ROM movies of the face and the front and the back of the body were produced.

—-Years 2006 and 2007: 2d to 3d conversion for a 5000 promotional 3d campaign in anaglyph format, for “Roche Laboratories”, Argentina. Also a 3d consulting and 3d quality control and anaglyph setup for “Watusi  Entertainment” (Argentina), for a  35 mm movie-advertising of “Nissan Teana” and “Nissan Quashqai”.

—- Year 2008: Creation of Argentimagenes, a postcard publishing company, in order to show the beauty of Argentina with Bernardo Galmarini’s photographs. See:

—-  Since 2008 until today, Bernardo Galmarini’s photographs and stereoscopic 3d work has been published in newspapers, books, catalogs, brochures and magazines. Some of these publications are: “The British Journal of Photography” (UK), “Svet Magazine” (Czech Republic), “Photo Plus Magazine” (UK), the “New York Post” (USA), “Freeze Magazine” (USA).

—-Year 2009: Worked as “fixer” and assistant for the National Geographic Traveler photographer Bob Krist, producing an article about Buenos Aires.

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