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In Memoriam A. Danim

IN MEMORIAM AVINOAM DANIN (1939-2015) From the website www.shroud.com BARRIE SCHWORTZ Photo 1. Avinoam Danim It is with great sadness that I must report the passing of our dear friend and colleague, AVINOAM DANIN, noted Israeli botanist and Shroud researcher, on December 12, 2015, in Jerusalem. The news was first posted on the “Flora of […]

Region of Interest Study

REGION OF INTEREST STUDY USING THE VP8 IMAGE ANALYZER: ISOMETRIC PROJECTION (3D) AND LEVEL SLICING FUNCTIONS FOR DR. PETRUS SOONS BY DEACON Pete Schumacher @ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, SCHUMACHER AND SOONS The VP8 Image Analyzer performs two major, separate functions. One function is to make XYZ plots of image brightness on an oscilloscope-like monitor. […]

The Holoprinter

WALTER SPIERINGS Dutch Holographic Laboratory BV Eindhoven, Los Paises Bajos P.P.Q.M. SOONS Volcan, Panama RESUME: -We describe the process how to reconstruct the 3D data in the image in the Shroud of Turin with Holography. -Copies of the negatives of Giuseppe Enrie of 1931 are digitized and enlarged to improve the details. -The gray levels […]

Exhibitions and Presentation

POWERPOINT PRESENTATION OF EXPOSITIONS CONFERENCES ETC. This is a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION that is called: The Shroud of Turin Expositions, Conferences and Research Around the world SUBTOPIC: Research of the Tilma with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe Presentation by: Dr. Petrus SOONS This Presentation gives a good idea of some of the Presentations we […]

Presentation: The Holographic Experience

THE SHROUD OF TURIN, THE HOLOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE BY DR. PETRUS SOONS This is the text that comes with the POWERPOINT Presentation 3D ABSTRACT My presentation summarizes work connected with digitizing Shroud photographs taken by Giuseppe Enrie in 1931, enhancing the digitized images to improve details, translating the enhanced images “gray scale data into depth data”, […]

The Hidden Messages in Water

MASARU EMOTO Dr. Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama in July 1943. He is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University’s department of humanities and sciences, with a focus on International Relations. He also graduated from the Open International University as a doctor of Alternative Medicine. Subsequently he was introduced to the concept of micro-cluster […]

Movie: The Fabric of Time

DVD THE FABRIC OF TIME This is a documentary, produced by Grizzly Adams around 2007 about the Shroud and also includes the work that we did with the Dutch Holographic Laboratory, in order to make the HOLOGRAMS and some discoveries that came out of this work studying these holograms. I met David W. Balsiger, the […]

Forensic Inquiry Shroud

THE MAN ON THE SHROUD A FORENSIC INQUIRY BY DR. PETRUS SOONS This is the text of the POWER POINT presentation: THE MAN ON THE SHROUD, A FORENSIC INQUIRY by Dr. Petrus SOONS 1) GETHSEMANE The severe mental anxiety due to a profound fear of His prescient sufferings stimulated the fear center of the brain […]

Max Frei Pollen Research

MAX FREI, SWISS CRIMINOLOGIST sample taking 1973 and 1978 POLLEN ON THE SHROUD OF TURIN By DR.PETRUS SOONS   CURRICULUM VITAE: Dr. MAX FREI 1913-1983 Dr MAX FREI was an internationally acclaimed criminologist, held a doctorate in Botany and was a recognized botanical expert regarding the Mediterranean flora. He founded the city of Zurich Police’s […]

Negativity of the Image

NEGATIVITY OF THE IMAGE : EXPLANATION   REMEMBER WHEN ISABEL PICZEK TALKS ABOUT THE FORMATION OF THE IMAGE IN THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER “THE EVENT HORIZON“ SHE SAYS: “The mechanism is extremely complex. The orthogonal projection is scarce. The oblique forms are transported in multi-planes turning and turning, superposed and creating a Bas-Relief effect with the […]