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Janice Bennet Sudarium of Oviedo, relationship with the Shroud of Turin

JANICE BENNETT SUDARIUM OF OVIEDO, relationship with the SHROUD of TURIN: TEXT OF POWERPOINT PRESENTATION A presentation made at the First International Conference on the Shroud of Turin, Panama City, Panama, June 30-July 1, 2012, which summarizes the conclusions of the research conducted by the Spanish Center for Sindonology, Valencia, Spain, since 1989. A linen […]

Sudarium of Oviedo Janice Bennet

JANICE BENNETT THE SUDARIUM OF OVIEDO CURRICULUM VITAE   Janice Bennett is the author of two books about relics in Spain: “ SACRED BLOOD, SACRED IMAGE: The Sudarium of Oviedo, New Evidence for the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin” unfolds the historical, scientific, cultural, and Biblical investigations surrounding the Sudarium of Oviedo, the face […]

Ghandi – Carrying dead body – JEWISH BURIALS TODAY

This chapter shows some photographs that can shed some light on some questions that were asked during presentations of the Shroud during the last couple of years. IMAGES OF FLOWERS ON THE SHROUD Alan and Mary Whanger did research on the images of flowers on and around the body of the image of the Man […]

Pilate Stone Caesarea

Pontius Pilate was the 5th governor of the Roman province of JUDAEA serving under Emperor TIBERIUS from 26/27 to 36/37 A.D. Few sources of his life have survived. The Jewish historian JOSEPHUS and philosopher PHILO from Alexandria both mention incidents of tension and violence between the Jewish population and Pilate’s administration. Josephus and the Roman […]

The Shroud of Turin and its Radiocarbon Dating

THE SHROUD OF TURIN AND ITS RADIOCARBON DATING MARIA GRAZIA SILIATO Historian and Archaeologist, Italy   We pointed out on other occasions that as Archaeologists and Historians, we were unable to indicate any object, in any museum or church, which from a scientific point of view, is comparable to the Shroud of Turin. We know […]

Radio Carbon Dating 1988

THE SHROUD: New Investigations disavow the radiocarbon results Shroud: Radiocarbon disqualified   The radiocarbon test applied to the Shroud in 1988 gave a surprising result: the famous sheet kept in Turin, which tradition attributes to the burial of Christ, dates back to the Middle Ages. The results of that analysis were published in the prestigious […]

Sturp Investigations 1978

Shroud of Turin Research Project. In 1976 John Jackson, an active duty United States Air Force Officer, and Bill Mottern, a scientist from the Sandia National Laboratory, worked to generate the first 3-dimensional map of the Shroud Image. Later in that same year Jackson, while teaching physics at the Air Force Academy, in partnership with […]

Von Erlach Prayer Book

THE VON ERLACH HOLY SHROUD PRAYER BOOK Without the damage of the fire in Chambery in 1532   The VON ERLACH HOLY SHROUD PRAYER BOOK, in Latin and German, manuscript on vellum with illuminations by the Master of Claude de France (Tours and Switzerland, c.1520s and c.1540s) A highly bespoken production containing perhaps one of […]

The Polaroid Image Overlay Technique

This technique was developed by Alan Whanger to compare areas of images, very detailed and superimposed. This was done by using two slide projectors on top of each other and projecting two superimposed images on a lenticular screen (one with tiny vertical grooves; non-lenticular screens do not work with polarizing filters). Whanger used then polarizing […]

Image Overlay Technique – Dr. Alan Whanger

THE WHANGERS CURRICULUM Photo 1. Alan Whanger in office Alan Whanger, a native of Detroit, Michigan, earned both his undergraduate and medical degrees at Duke University. His post-graduate training includes residencies in general surgery (Cleveland) and psychiatry (Duke), and additional work in tropical medicine and hygiene (London) and in geriatrics (Duke). He is the author […]