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Titulus Crucis

THE TITULUS INRI   In the early fourth century A.D. Helena, the mother of the Emperor Constantine, visited Jerusalem after her baptism to Christianity. Helena, so the story goes, made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to search for the tomb of Jesus. When she found it, she found the title, part of the cross and several […]

Scientific Research on the Shroud in Turin 2002

PHOTOGRAPHS Photographs were taken in 2000 and 2002 by the team of CARLOS GIAN DURANTE, consisting of Joseph Cavalli, Daniel Demonte, Tiziana Durante with the help of Nello Balossino. The photographs were taken with artificial lights and all kind of filters and lenses in normal, and also digital format. SCANNING OF THE SHROUD According to […]

Rhammus thorns, Pistacia and Reed

AVINOAM DANIN Pistacia fruits Rhamnus Thorns and a REED A.DANIN and P.SOONS   INTRODUCTION: Intensive efforts took place to obtain and scan black and white photographic material of the Shroud made by Enrie in 1931 and Ultra Violet photographs made by Vernon Miller during the STURP investigations in 1978. The aim of this paper was […]

Helmet of Thorns

AVINOAM DANIN HELMET OF THORNS Photo 1. Different thorns in Italy Photo 2. Copy helmet of thorns and thorns Italy In monasteries and churches in Europe there are many thorn relics, supposedly from the Crown of Thorns reported in the Scripture. Fleury (1870) studied the nature of these thorn relics in the 1800’s, since they […]

Cords and Ropes on Shroud

AVINOAM DANIN: ROPES AND CORDS ON THE SHROUD Several partial images of cords or ropes are found on the Shroud. Being involved with the preparation of strings and cords of spontaneous plants from our area in the last 50 years, I learnt the techniques from Bedouins, and transferred the know-how to various groups. I thus […]

Holes in the image of The Man on The Shroud

IMAGELESS AREAS IN THE 3D-IMAGE OF THE BODY ON THE SHROUD PROF. AVINOAM DANIN BOTANIST, Dr. PETRUS SOONS Photo 2A. Holes on sides of face and forehead. ANAGLYPH (use 3D glasses) In 2005-2007 during the conversion-work of Bernardo Galmarini and the Dutch Holographic Laboratory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, it became obvious that, although the image […]

Avinoam Danin Biography, Flora of the Shroud

AVINOAM DANIN BIOGRAPHY Avinoam Danin Botanist Photo A. Avinoam Book front page For the last 44 years the main academic activity of Avinoam Danin has been dedicated to interdisciplinary research involving the identity and distribution of higher plants, microorganisms, other organisms, and their relation to the environment. The results of his investigations on higher plants […]

Researh Leptons

The possibility of the presence of coins over the eyes was first raised, when three scientists, John P. Jackson, Eric J. Jumper and R.W. (Bill) Mottern, the instigators of the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project, put a photograph of the Shroud face in a VP-8 Image Analyzer, and saw, to their astonishment, an accurate […]

Research Lance

RESEARCH SPEAR WOUND   Pete Schumacher and Dr. Petrus Soons in May 2012 did also measurements of the SPEAR wound on the right side of the thorax of the Man on the Shroud. Photo 1: HASTA The type of spear used is a HASTA or Roman thrusting spear. Some have suggested that the type of […]

Research Phylacteries arm, head

  In May of 2012 Dr. Petrus Soons and Pete Schumacher did an investigation to see if Alan Whanger was right when he stated that he found “proof” that on the left arm of the Man on the Shroud there were indications that He had a phylactery bound on the left arm and also a […]