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Different steps to create holograms

THE DIFFERENT STEPS OF THE PROCESS TO CREATE THE HOLOGRAM 1) THE PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL. In 2005 we used for the first series of holograms of the face and the front and the back of the body, photographs of Barrie Schwortz (© 1978-2010 Barrie M. Schwortz Collection, STERA Inc.). For the next holograms, produced in 2006 […]

Making of the holograms

WHAT IS HOLOGRAPHY ? Holography is a technique, which allows the recording and playback of true three-dimensional images. The produced image is called a hologram. The playback provides an image in light that can be viewed in different angles and is an exact copy of the original 3D object. The inventor of holography was a […]

3D Studies of the Shroud of Turin (history)

The first photographs that were taken by SECONDO PIA in 1898 showed the positive image of a man on the negative glass plates that he used, and also showed that the original image on the Shroud had the properties of a photographic negative. This aroused the interest of the scientific community and from that moment […]

Article Garlaschelli

PETRUS SOONS RESPONDS TO GARLASCHELLI This excellent response was written October 6, 2009 by PETRUS SOONS, noted Shroud researcher who produced the first three-dimensional holographic images of the Shroud. Petrus presented his dramatic results at the Ohio Shroud Conference in August 2008. In the last few days, a story appeared in the mass media that […]

Image Qualities of the Shroud of Turin

1.MONOCHROMATIC COLORATION . The image is portrayed in variable diffuse tones of a pale brownish-yellow color (consistent with a puce color, sepia toned). The intensity of the image shows what we call the half-tone effect and is caused by the amount of discolored fibers per square unit. The image also appears more distinct at a […]

Analysis of the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is a piece of linen 442.5 cm (441.5 cm) long and 113 cm (113.7 cm) wide. These are the measurements of this linen after the restoration of 2002 and done by Bruno Barberis and Gian Maria Zaccone. The fabric is hand-woven and handspun in a herringbone pattern and bears different images. […]

Curriculum Vitae

PETRUS SOONS M.D. Dr.Petrus Soons M.D. Dr Petrus Soons was born in the Netherlands. He studied Medicine at the University of Utrecht and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where he graduated as a medical doctor in 1970.He worked as a General Practitioner in the Netherlands and Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles, and was the Founder and […]